Tender Years Learning CenterSince Tender Years’ inception in 2005, it has been the mission of the program to provide quality early education options for preschool aged children. The goal was then and continues to be, to provide an high quality early education program and to establish a reputation in the community as a SCHOOL. The quality of our work and commitment to early childhood education is evidenced each day. Tender Years is proud to provide an environment with low, student-to-professional teacher ratios, quality, developmentally appropriate programming, early intervention action, kindergarten transitioning and placement advocacy and involved parents and families, to name a few.

Tender Years offers 2 options for core program hours. The half day program takes place from 8:30-12:00 and the full day program is available from 8:30-3:00. These core programming hours are in keeping with a typical half day or full day school program.

The benefit of a Tender Years’ experience is that working families have a high quality full day school option to meet the needs of their work schedules. We recognize that some families need services outside of the regular core program hours and offer these extended services, before and after, to support this need.

Whether half days or full days at Tender Years, your child is not only engaged in learning through play and rich learning activities but is loved, nurtured and supported in your absence and is guided in social-emotional development by skilled and loving professional teachers.

Choosing a quality program for takes time and patience. One of the most important decisions you will ever make as a parent is choosing early educational programming for your child. A good early childhood education can ensure that your child is provided a solid educational foundation. Studies reveal that high quality programs help children become more ready for school and increase their chances to succeed in life.