Tender Years Learning CenterPre-kindergarten is a child’s first formal introduction to education. It is a place where children have the opportunity to expand their experiences, explore new things, discover self-direction and practice self control. It is a safe place where children explore who they are and what they can do in an loving and accepting environment. It is a place where each child is given the opportunity to express thoughts and ideas in his or her own way. It is a place where children beginning building the self confidence to become who they are meant to be.

This program includes children who will turn age 4 before October 15th of each calendar year. Children in this program must be daytime toilet trained.

Our pre-kindergarten program follows the MSAD 51 school calendar and is closed for all school vacations, in-service and snow days.

Some Specific Pre-Kindergarten Skills Addressed:

Phonemic awareness
Language patterning
Spelling and printing first name
Recalling, sequencing events from a story
Recognizing sight words
Group problem solving
Independent problem solving
Patterning and sequencing
Object classification and comparison
Number recognition
Counting, and printing numerals