Tender Years Learning CenterOften preschool is a child’s first experience away from the comfort of home and the safety of his mother’s side. Children develop self confidence in this new and unfamiliar environment once they feel comfortable communicating their needs both to their teachers and to their peers. Preschool is where social and language skills are the foremost considerations. As teachers model , guide and offer support with language and social interactions, children develop the confidence to interact more creatively and independently with their peers.

This program includes children who will turn age 3 before October 15th of each calendar year. Children in this program must be daytime toilet trained.

Our preschool program follows the MSAD 51 school calendar and is closed for all school vacations, in-service and snow days.

Some Specific Preschool Skills Addressed:

Transitioning away from parents
Enhancing social skills
Language skills
Sorting by attributes
1:1 correspondence
Recognizing own name and other letters