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Tender Years Learning CenterBy incorporating the philosophies of Dr. Maria Montessori, John Dewey and the work of Harvard University scholar, Dr. Howard Gardner, Tender Years Learning Center offers your child a rich and well rounded early learning experience.

Each day, within a structured learning environment, children freely choose from a number of developmentally appropriate activities at a variety of work (learning) centers and participate in small-group, teacher-led activities. Maria Montessori believed that learning occurred best through the use of all five senses, not just through listening, watching, or reading. Children enrolled in Tender Years preschool and pre-kindergarten programs learn at their own, individual pace and according to their own choice of prepared activities.

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John Dewey believed that school need not be tedious and boring for children. Each day children come to school and assemble as a community of learners. An environment that guided them through ‘real’ and meaningful learning opportunities fostered their capacity to contribute to their world. He believed in making learning relevant by interconnecting experiences. John Dewey is said to have begun the “experiential education” movement.

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Dr. Gardner believes that traditional IQ testing is far too limited. It focuses heavily on language and logical mathematical abilities as the key components of intelligence yet at the same time often discounts the abilities of the non-traditional learner. Dr. Gardner believes that in order to reach the broadest number of learners that teachers prepare environments and lessons in a wide variety of ways using music, cooperative learning, art & sensory activities, dramatic play, technology, field trips, inner reflection, and so on.

Children at Tender Years are exposed to learning experiences through a vast array of opportunities to engage all types of learners. Cooperative learning, sensory activities, dramatic play & role play, technology, field trips, hands-on activities, experiential nature learning, art activities, songs for learning, cultural diversity and foreign language learning and much more are incorporated into each day.

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